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Why Didn't My House Sell?

There is nothing more frustrating for a seller than to watch houses around

them sell like hot cakes while theirs lingers on the market. Finally, when the

listing expires, they find themselves asking why? Why didn’t my house sell?

In a robust housing market like we’ve had the past few years, the good

news is there are some common reasons why a home doesn’t sell. If you

find yourself in this position, ask yourself these questions, and then correct

them and relist them.

· Did You Stage Your Home? We’re not talking about expensive

services that bring in all new furniture here, but you do need to make your

home attractive. The basic “curb appeal” rule still applies, even in a “sellers’


· Did You Limit Access? When homes are moving quickly, it’s

tempting to assume every home will get multiple offers. But buyers still

want to view the home before making that offer, if your home is difficult to

see, you will lose potential buyers.

· Did You Price Your Home Correctly? Setting the right price is

always important. Even when prices are rising, an unrealistically high listing

price will cause buyers and their agents to ignore the home.

· Did You Hire The Right Agent? Sometimes, it really is the agent’s

fault. The right agent will properly market the home, communicate

frequently, offer advice about price/offers, and make themselves available.

They should be giving feedback throughout the process about adjustments

to ensure that the home is seen and is appealing to potential buyers.

If you answered “no” to these questions, then relisting may be a great

option. Make the changes you need to, and then relist the property. This

time, you may not need to ask yourself, “why didn’t my home sell”?


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