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Don’t Over do It When Decluttering to Sell Your Home

If you’re preparing your home to sell, you already know that it’s important to declutter. A clean, tidy space allows potential buyers to see the beauty of your home and to imagine themselves living there. But there is a fine line between decluttering and denuding – removing too much can leave your home looking cold and uninviting. Learn the difference and make sure your buyers feel “at home” in your property.

Decluttering involves carefully removing excess personal items and décor to create a clean and appealing space. On the other hand, some home sellers go too far and end up with sterile rooms that lack any warmth or personality. Buyers aren’t attracted by stark white walls with minimal furnishing any more than they are by wall-to-wall clutter. Buyers want a home with style and energy.

As you prepare for showings, start by removing extra “stuff.” Remove excess items from tabletops, countertops, shelves, and personal items. You do want a lived-in feel but allow some empty areas that make rooms look larger and brighter. Once you’ve removed unnecessary items, strategically return special décor and the occasional family picture or two.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a balance between decluttering and maintaining the charm and personality of your home. Your buyers are searching for a family home, so keep some “family” in the mix.


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