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Prepare Your Home for FHA Financing

When listing your home for sale, the most important consideration is how to

get the most attention from potential buyers. It’s simple, the more buyers

interested in your home the better. You have already considered how to

build curb appeal and staging the home for marketing and home visits, but

have you prepared your home for buyers who may wish to use FHA


Often, first time homebuyers take advantage of the great benefits of FHA

financing, such as lower down payment requirements and easier qualifying.

But it’s not just the borrower that has to qualify for FHA financing, the home

does also. In order to appraise for FHA financing, the home must be livable

and safe. A special appraiser will not only ensure the purchase price is

comparable to other properties, but also verify the condition of the home.

Here are some key aspects:

· Safety and Security – There must not be any hazards in the home.

Everything from faulty wiring to loose carpet can be considered a safety


· Structural Integrity – The inspector will look for cracks in the walls or

sags in the floor that could indicate an issue.

· Health and Sanitation – All systems must be in good working order,

such as: plumbing, heating, cooling, etc.

· Water and Sewer Systems – The home must have safe drinking

water and the sewer and waste systems must be clear from any blockage

or malfunctions.

· Pests – FHA financing will include a clear pest inspection. This

means a termite inspection as well as being free from rodents and other

damaging pests.

As a seller, knowing what kinds of issues could disqualify an FHA loan

makes your home attractive to a larger selection of potential buyers.

Ensure these issues are corrected before listing which allows you to list as

an FHA property.


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